Pierre @ Eco-Health: Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme

Chemical-free non corrosive poultry litter treatment for incredible ammonia, pathogen and odour control. Increases poultry health by forming a continuously working protective biological barrier.

Substance Challenges in Chicken Houses

Ammonia is a serious and continued challenge for poultry and the farmer. It’s corrosive to equipment and damaging to the environment. Conventional wisdom is to change the acidity of the litter to limit ammonia.


Ammonia is a volatile compound and above 7.2 PH it acts as a gas with adverse effects. Below 7.2 PH it’s converted into ammonium.

This process fluctuates continually, and as ammonia levels increase costly ventilation must be used, which is not a carbon green solution. Harsh and expensive corrosive chemicals are needed to increase PH in an increasing and difficult cycle.


Mode of Action:

Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme takes a novel approach to ammonia by involving:

  • Biological Conversion Approach:

A proprietary microbial consortium targets ammonia and permanently converts it to ammonium nitrate fertilizer.

  • Lignin / Carbon Approach:

Ammonia gas levels increase when there is a lack of carbon in the litter bed. When the amount of carbon is less than that required for converting available nitrogen into protein

Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme makes better use of the available carbon to eliminate the excess nitrogen as ammonia. It adds considerable carbon in the form of lignin, a crucial factor in reducing ammonia.

  • Organic Acid Ammonia Chelation Approach:

Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme helps to reduce ammonia through a process called chelation.


Competitive Exclusion:

Health Challenge:

  • Pathogens and their detrimental effects in the poultry environment are well documented.
  • They are extremely dangerous, and very difficult as well as costly to control.
  • They naturally develop resistance and immunity to substances that harm or kill them, in other words harsh chemicals, disinfectants, sanitizers and antibiotics.
  • They build up immunity and resistance over time and become harder to kill the next time.
  • In this vicious unstoppable cycle extra harsh chemicals and more powerful and costly disinfectants are always needed.


Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme Solution:  

  • Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzymes are safe and good probiotics which naturally occur in nature and are not genetically modified in any way.
  • In every few drops of Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme product, there are tens of millions to billions of good bacteria.
  • When they are applied, they quickly go in search of food and space, and rapidly outcompete the bad bacteria for their food source.
  • Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme rapidly keep on reproducing at an exponential rate and completely colonize the area or system.
  • Ensures in a short period of time that the bad pathogens in the litter starve off and die.
  • An incredible fact is that where conventional disinfectants usually stop working after application, the Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme process can continue for hours, days and more after application, so the effect of a healthy flock environment is long and lasting.


Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme is Non-Corrosive:

  • Corrosion of expensive equipment is a serious problem that ruins the profit of poultry operations.
  • Corrosion can happen anywhere in a poultry operation, and current practices in broiler operations only increase the opportunity for corrosion.
  • Corrosion is simply the deterioration of materials through a chemical reaction with the environmental condition.
  • Perhaps the most noted corrosion occurs with the rusting of iron or other such metals.
  • Corrosion is not confined to just metal as it affects plastics, concrete, wood and other materials.
  • The single most deconstructive chemical created by a poultry operation is ammonia.

images (2)

  • Ammonia will always be produced in a poultry house as it is a reaction between manure, moisture, and microbiology.
  • Typically, the higher the humidity of a poultry house the greater ammonia levels become.
  • Ammonia is well noted for its detriments to the welfare of the birds, but we rarely hear about this deterioration of metal components in a poultry house.
  • This deterioration includes valuable fasteners, heaters, walls, ceilings and any other metal object.

images (3)

  • Many poultry farmers combat ammonia by applying an acid product for poultry litter treatment.
  • The purpose of acid products is to lower the Ph value of the litter.
  • The ends of the spectrum on the Ph scale are ammonia and acid. A very rudimentary thought would be “Where there is ammonia let’s apply acid to make it neutral”
  • This solution has not been thought out. It would take as much acid as ammonia to make a fair play and truly offset the ammonia.
  • That would be extremely expensive not to mention dangerous.
  • The use of such products leads to elevated acid levels that in turn create an even more corrosive poultry house environment.
  • Products that convert into acid materials lead to groundwater contamination.

normal-chicken-poopEco-Health: Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme is completely safe and is not corrosive.

It’s made up of entirely organic constituents and poses no problem when contacted with skin or animals. By implementing a complete poultry management system with Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme, a farmer is extending the life of his equipment among other things and is improving his return on investment.

Long Term Ammonia Control:

  • For long term ammonia control, conventional wisdom has been to spread powerful acid products into the poultry house.
  • The logic is that by making the pH level of the litter low enough, if it’s more acidic, then the ammonium can’t in turn convert into ammonia gas.
  • The faulty rationale in this instance is that the ammonium is still there available.
  • The acid doesn’t do away with it. It just traps the ammonium and delays the inevitable problem.
  • Eventually, the poultry manure itself will raise the pH, and the ammonia problem will return.

Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme works completely differently to acid treatments.

Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme beneficial bacteria give the natural process a head starts which break the ammonium down faster than it normally would.

  • A specific strain of bacteria is present to bind the ammonium with nitrogen to make ammonium nitrate which is conventional plant fertilizer.
  • Once bound up as fertilizer, it can’t change back, and ammonia is permanently eliminated.
  • With Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme, competitive exclusion takes time for a colony to establish, and after a few days’ ammonia levels begin to plummet and one will continue to see low ammonia levels.
  • When dealing with a poultry house that has been previously treated with Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme ammonia levels will be much lower than a house treated with acid.
  • Adding a fresh application Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme drastically improves the situation.
  • With repeated use of Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme ammonia problems are nearly eliminated.

Easy Liquid Application:

Eco-Health: Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme is an easy to apply liquid treatment.

  • Simply mix our highly concentrated formula with water in a clean pressure sprayer and apply thoroughly on the poultry house floor.
  • Conventional dry bulk products are difficult to handle and are labour intensive. In the time what typically takes a few workers to cover a brood section of a broiler house, an entire house can be covered by one person with Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme.
  • There is also no need for P.P.E.’s (Personal Protective Equipment).

Application Instructions:

Step 1: Seal the house after the flock is removed to maintain a higher temperature.

Microorganisms are more effective in warmer temperatures. Ventilate before re-entry for service, or if moisture begins to condensate in the house.

Step 2: Immediately after de-caking, and before adding new bedding, apply Eco-Health Poultry Litter Bio-Enzyme at the rate of 1L per 400 square meters. For each 1L of concentrate dilute with 100L of water. After diluting wait 30 minutes before applying.

  • A clean pressure sprayer which has not been previously contaminated by disinfectants must be used. Evenly cover the entire surface of the litter bed with spray.
  • Ideally seal the house for 24 hours after application. Follow the standard ventilation program before and after bird placement.

Product Features:

  • Non-corrosive
  • Keeps litter dry
  • Reduce mortality rates
  • Reduces odour
  • Maintain body heat
  • Reduce litter bugs
  • Reduce condemnation rate
  • Increase feed conversion
  • Increase flock weight
  • Binds ammonia
  • Produces clean air
  • Lowers utility costs
  • Lowers exhaust fan costs
  • Reduces caking in litter
  • Non-toxic
  • Convenient liquid form
  • Easy to apply liquid
  • Less shavings required
  • Applied with conventional spray equipment

Packaging and Storage:

Packaged in 25L drums. Store in a cool, dry place. Shelf life valid for 1 year.

Oxynated Olive Oil Balm

Pierre @ Eco Health Oxynated Olive Oil.

imagesimages (7)


Oxynated Olive Oil cannot be considered a pharmaceutical drug.

  • It is developed to be a skincare product for various external treatments and topical uses on suitable sensitive skins.
  • Oxynated Olive Oil consists of ozone and pure organically produced olive oil.
  • Oxynated Olive Oil Does not contain parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanols, colorants or fragrances.
  • And it is lastly, proudly not tested on animals.


A short History of Ozone Oil

Nikola Tesla (in 1900) began marketing an ozonated olive oil to medical doctors in the 1900’s.  Tesla is known as one of the most influential scientists the world has ever seen. When Albert Einstein was asked a tricky question about who the cleverest man on earth is, his answer was politely.

“I don’t know. You have to ask Nicola Tesla”

Nikola Tesla created his ozonated oil by bubbling ozone through pure olive oil in the presence of a magnetic field for eight weeks.

By 1904, ozonated olive oil, also known as “Glycozone”, began appearing in medical literature, such as “The Medical Uses of Hydrozone and Glycozone”, 9th Edition, by New York Chemist Charles Marchland.


What is Oxynated Olive Oil Balm? 

Oxynated Olive Oil Balm is produced when ozone gas is bubbled through pure cold press virgin olive oil. The bubbling of the ozone through pure virgin olive oil, is a 24/7 continuous process.

The production of one batch of Oxynated Olive Oil last between 4- 6 weeks. During this time the olive oil will turn and change to a soft “off-white” paste.

What is ozone?

  • Ozone is an unstable, but highly beneficial molecule.
  • It’s the tri-atomic form of oxygen
  • Normal oxygen consists of two atoms (O2).
  • Ozone consist of three (3) oxygen atoms (O3).

How does Oxynated Olive Balm function.

  • Ozone is a gas with the chemical formula O3.
  • It is the allotropic form of oxygen (O2), meaning that it is “oxygen in its most active state”.
  • Ozone gas is naturally found in the environment. It well known for the “Gap in the Ozone layer”.
  • The ozone layer protects the planet from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

images (14)

  • Ozone’s main feature is its incredible ability to purify, its functional ability to eliminate organic compounds, including all known bacteria, fungi and viruses successfully.
  • When ozone is applied directly onto bacteria, fungi and viruses, ozone has an immediate eliminating effect on the organism.
  • The only residue that Oxynated Olive Oil leaves behind, is pure oxygen.
  • This makes Oxynated Olive Oil an extremely effective natural germicide agent.

How does Ozone react with Olive Oil?

images (18)

  • With pure virgin olive oil, the ozone reacts with the fatty acids in the olive oil under controlled reaction conditions.
  • This process creates among other compounds, multiple peroxide species such as lipoperoxides, ozonides, aldehydes and ketones.

Multiple studies refer to the synergy that is created between the ozone and olive oil. These studies explain the vast benefits of the molecular structure of ozonated olive oil, with specific reference to the beneficial values it offers.

Not all ozonated oils are equal

Do not ever be misled. Not all ozonated oils are equal.

The quality and functional properties of ozonated olive oil depends on the raw material used (cold press pure virgin olive oil), as well as the quality of the “cold press” manufacturing process.

Ozone is an unstable gas.

  • It does not want to stay in a “tri-atomic” state.
  • It is therefore important to be held in check by other able molecular bindings.
  • Ozone will break down from O3 to O2 to O1 within 20 minutes at atmospheric pressure.

The Importance of the O1 breakdown

  • O1 is called a “singlet oxygen atom”.
  • It is HIGHLY REACTIVE with just about any substance.
  • It will react with almost any organism or substance that should not be in the human body (i.e. viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.).
  • It is widely in acknowledged in Literature as a “Universal cleansing agent”.

Why Olive Oil? 


  • Literature claims that olive oil contains large amounts of “antioxidants.”
  • Apart from its beneficial fatty acids, olive oil also contains modest amounts of vitamins E and K.
  • These antioxidants are biologically active and may reduce the risk of chronic diseases (6, 7).


  • Olive oil is known to fight inflammation.
  • Olive oil also protects blood cholesterol from oxidation
  • Added to this, is it is well known to lower the risk of heart diseases. (8, 9) in its pure virgin form.

Multiple studies have shown that the combination of oil and ozone has a synergistic effect, highly beneficial for skin health.

  • The O1 factor will protect the skin against external aggressors and the damaging effects of airborne and other harmful environmental free radicals.
  • It will also destroy foreign microorganisms not does not belong in the body.
  • Olive Oil is deeply moisturizing and nourishing, while olive oil purifies, regenerate and helps in the healing processes of the skin.
  • Oxynated Olive Oil improves cellular metabolism. It strengthens the natural anti-inflammatory abilities of the immune system.
  • Oxynated Olive Oil will improve blood circulation, causing ulcers and or severe skin conditions such as dry skin conditions. Especially with elder people and or people constraint to wheelchairs. (See the various uses that follows).
  • The O1- Ozone factor will stop the production of germs present in some skin conditions, such as acne, seborrhea, skin lesions, redness, etc.
  • Ozonated Olive Oil might also be a good alternative to consider as natural treatment, rather than the use of corticosteroid creams.

Does ozone kills good bacteria too?

  • It doesn’t really matter how much and how fast you kill viruses and or fungi or bacteria.
  • If you do not protect your healthy cells from re- infection,  you will never eliminate the cause of illness effectively.
  • It is therefore most important to protect your healthy cells and prevent viruses and bacteria to use these cells from replicating.

This is one of the wonderful side effects ozone provides.

  • Ozone facilitates the Krebs’s cycle by improving the oxidative carboxylation of pyruvate and promoting the synthesis of ATP.
  • There is also an increase in antioxidant enzymes that act as free radical scavengers (such as glutathione peroxidase, catalase and superoxide dismutase). (Ciborowski, Lipska, Godzien, et al., 2012)
  • With the increased protection of healthy cells that are surrounded by protective enzymes, re- infection is reduced to the minimum.



  • Oxynated Olive Oil Balm is therefore a valuable medium or vehicle to enrich with powerful “reactive oxygen,” to address the effects of harmful microorganisms.
  • The “O1” singlet Ozonated Olive Oil will actively destroy fungi, parasites, bacteria and spores found on the skin.

Oxynated Olive Oil might also be very beneficial in the following conditions:

  • Diaper rash

images (20)

  • Redness

download (1)

  • Skin irritations

download (2)

  • Dermatitis

download (8)

  • Poor blood circulation

download (9)

  • Scrapes

download (12)

  • Rashes


  • Skin dryness

download (14)

  • Herpes

download (16)

  • Vaginal conditions

images (27)

  • Anal itching, inflammation and irritation, hemorrhoids

download (17)

  • Intimate feminine care

images (26)

  • Cuts
  • Burns


  • Psoriasis


  • Eczema

download (4)

  • Cold sores


  • Anal fistulas

download (18)

  • Seborrheic dermatitis

images (9)

  • Ringworm

images (34)

  • Athlete’s foot

download (19)

  • Foot and toenail fungus
  • Poison oak or ivy

download (20)

  • Bee stings
  • Bug bites
  • Bruises
  • Ozonated Olive balm is nowadays used in alternative dentistry, healing abscesses of the gum, periodontal pockets and gingivitis.


  • Ozonated Olive Oil might be beneficial with skin problems associated with persons with reduced mobility, such as the elderly with diaper rash, ulcers, herpes and bedsores.

Oxynated Olive Oil Skin in conclusion

  • Is a germicide power against bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant balm
  • Is actively stimulates the internal or endogenous antioxidant system in the skin
  • Proves to have immune-stimulant properties, as well as an exceptional functional ability to repair and heal tissues
  • It proves to have numerous moisturizing and nourishing abilities
  • It is extremely efficient in destroying external free radical aggressors
  • It will improve and increase functional cell metabolism.
  • Through ozone’s anti-inflammatory properties, it will reduce pain as well as swelling.

Oxynated Olive Oil: Diaper rash, skincare, bed sores, ulcers, etc.

Example 1. There are various causes of diaper rush

  • Baby skin is a delicate fragile organ. The diaper area is expose to faeces, urine, humidity and poor ventilation.
  • The lower abdomen is susceptible to the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms, that cause inflammation, (bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi) reddening rash, pain and sores.
  • Many children are affected by seborrheic dermatitis, atopic eczema or psoriasis.
  • Not only children, impaired people in wheelchairs as well as the elderly in bed with sensitive skin types, will show signs of rash and irritation.
  • Exposure to these harmful pathogenic organisms can complicate skin conditions.
  • We can therefore except that a baby’s body (also the the impaired and the elderly) is exposed to pathogenic organisms that might be harmful to their skin.

images (21)

Diaper rash is known as an “Irritation of the skin under the diaper”.

Diaper rash appears as a red patch with well-delimited borders. Diaper rash can be extremely painful when touched, also depending on its severity.

The redness or red patches also tends to get further irritated because of diapers, creams, fabrics, washing powders, poor quality soaps and fabric softeners.

Varying factors play cause inflamed skin conditions

  • Humidity, and the lack of air flow and intense rubbing.
  • Ammonia produced in urine.
  • Irritants found in faeces, especially when acidic, as is the case of diarrhoea.
  • Products used to wash linen diapers.
  • Cleaning and the excessive use of cosmetic products. 

Example 2: Oxynated Olive Oil and diabetic foot

Oxynated Olive Oil moisturizes, nourishes, purifies and heals the skin

  • Feet is perhaps the most mistreated part of our body. It must withstand many and various external aggressors during a person’s entire lifetime.
  • Feet bear weight, endure wrong footwear, get hot and sweaty, get tired, dirty, compressed, dry out, catch fungal infections, etc.


There are approximately more than 366 million people with diabetes worldwide today. Among the many complications of this illness, skin related problems are very dominant.

“Diabetic foot” is serious condition that needs special treatment and preventative care.

Oxynated Olive Oil in diabetic skin

Oxynated Olive is an ideal product for caring and protecting the skin.

The skin is also the largest organ in the body. People who suffers from diabetes and blood sugar levels, undergo extreme spikes because they suffer a lack of insulin secretion, not generated by the pancreas.

Sugar level abnormalities, cause the loss of sensation especially in peoples lower body and extremities, in particular their feet. This condition cause damage to blood vessels, resulting in numerous ulcers.

Diabetes is very instrumental in infections and amputations.

Dry feet and cracking heels (Nondiabetic)
Many people suffer common foot problems such as dryness, flaking, cracked heels, swelling, ulcers, sores, scars, fungi, etc.

  • Oxynated Olive Oil will protect and even spoil feet, providing them with the protection, moisture and nutrition that they need.
  • In addition, Oxynated Olive Oil is anti-inflammatory and will combat swelling directly.
  • Oxynated Olive Oil is also highly recommended for women who wear high heels on a continuous basis.
  • Oxynated Olive Oil has germicide abilities that will eliminate the causes of dryness, flaking, cracked heels, swelling, ulcers, sores, scars, fungi without any side effects.
  • In addition, Oxynated Olive Oil has significant healing properties in relieving, soothing and repairing the skin, following the appearance of blisters or ulcers.
  • Oxynated Olive Oil will assist in diabetic skin repair and cellular metabolism, by activating the micro-circulation of blood capillary networks.

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Example 3: Bedsores and skin ulcers

Oxynated Olive Oil will treat areas on the body that is prone to turn into bedsores and ulcers.

Oxynated Olive Oil is a very useful product for those who are bedridden, or in a wheelchair. It will be extremely helpful to people who has poor blood circulation or diabetes.

Oxynated Olive Oil activates the micro-circulation of blood, the capillary networks of the body and cellular metabolism.

The main cause of bedsores is the lack of blood circulation and immobility.

Impaired people spend much to long time in the same passive position.

That interrupts;

  • their normal blood flow
  • resulting in cell death
  • resulting in poor oxygen flow to cells
  • poor discharge of Carbon dioxide or CO₂ from the cells
  • Oxynated Olive Oil will destroy concentration of various free radicals in wounds, and or places which leads to redness, toxins, toxic concentrations, irritations in wounds and bedsores.

Elderly people are at the highest risk of developing bedsores.

But that includes bedridden patients and disabled people with reduced mobility. Wheelchairs will always increase various disorders,

Bedsores can also be caused by other factors;

  • poor nutrition
  • low levels of magnesium
  • stress
  • humidity
  • urine and fecal drops
  • any acquired skin sensitivity.

Oxynated Olive Oil moisturizes, nourishes, purifies and heals the skin through the synergistic effect of organic extra virgin olive oil, and the active O1 ozone molecule, as described.

Example 4: Oxynated Olive Oil and feminine hygiene

Oxynated Olive Oil will sooth irritations associated with hair removal, irritations in and at intimate areas and will also improve circulation in the lower abdominal area, legs and foot care

images (31)

Women do have parts of extreme sensitive skin, that is constantly exposed to external aggressors, various types of bacteria and harmful microorganisms, the origins of infections, irritations, dehydration as well as skin dryness.

Women (men to) are also exposed to harmful external aggressors

  • Air-borne bacteria and microorganisms that cause infections, irritation, dehydration, dryness, and acne.
  • The weather plays a significant role in skin conditions
  • Cheap, fake or inappropriate harmful products contaminate the skin itself.
  • Abrupt temperature changes cause facial skin to feel tight, dry, neglected, flaky, etc.

All these external factors cause a rupture in the natural lipid barrier on the skin’s surface. It allows natural moisturizing substances in our skin to evaporate that results into dryness.

  • Oxynated Olive Oil will immediately combat skin dryness, giving the skin the moisture and nutrition that it needs.
  • Oxynated Olive Oil applied at night will help to prevent the appearance of annoying pimples, blackheads and blotches in young children.

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Example 5: Hair removal
Hair removal is associated with rashes, reddening and irritation. Waxing, shaving and conventional diode laser hair removal are serious aggressors.

  • Oxynated Olive Oil is recommended for use directly on the damaged skin as a moisturizer, purifier and anti-inflammatory agent before and after hair removal. This will help to reduce stinging, purify the skin and prevent the appearance of future irritation.
  • Oxynated Olive Oil is highly recommended for use on the most sensitive areas of the body. Areas that rash and inflame the most during hair removal, such as the armpits, soft skin and or shaved intimate areas.

Oxynated Olive Oil and Intimate care
Many women are faced with multiple factors that can cause conditions of personal private harm.

Candida aureus and Candida albicans are associated with irritation, various infections and or the spread of spores of associated fungi.

images (30)

It must be noted;

A lack of proper understanding and knowledge of the importance of intimate health care, can result in the appearance of various harmful pathogenic micro-organisms causing  infections.

  • it is harmful microorganisms character to appear with irritating effects in the most intimate female areas.
  • Many times, with infections, the vaginal area became associated with unpleasant smells.
  • It is in general, an unhealthy situation that effects women’s state of mind, interpersonal relations and sexual activities and personal well-being.
  • There are numerous products for feminine care on the market. Their content tends many times to be very harsh and acidic.
  • Many products also alter the very important safety barrier and balance of vaginal pH.
  • Good bacteria in the vaginal area ensures vaginal health and will help to protect and destroy harmful bacteria that enters the vaginal area.
  • Certain medications can cause a reduction in pH-defenses
  • That situation is to the detriment of women’s sexual health, intimacy as well as sexual well-being.

It is well known;

  • That certain fabrics, such as lace in intimate areas, can cause irritation and or burning.
  • Detergents and fabric softeners with a high chemical content can also trigger allergies and irritation.
  • Pubic lice can be a problem to.
  • External allergens such as dust, poor personal health care, careless sexual activities as well as other allergens can cause irritations and allergies.

Oxynated Olive Oil is highly recommended for these conditions.

Oxynated Olive Oil will help to prevent the appearance of pathogenic agents to house themselves in the vaginal area.

It will successfully do so through its germicidal properties. It will also moisturize and protect the infected skin, destroy the bacteria en repair the damaged skin.

Example 6: Circulation and varicose veins (Oxynated Olive Oil and Fulvic Acid)
Varicose veins are dilated and unpleasant-looking surface veins that appear under the skin. They tend to be swollen vessels caused by poor blood circulation.

That is due to a lack of adequate oxygen.

Women are especially predisposed to varicose veins. In many circumstances is is caused by unhealthy habits;

  • Smoking is a serious culprit.
  • A lack of exercise
  • Not eating a healthy diet.
  • Sometimes they can be aggravated during certain stages of pregnancy due to the need to rest.

images (23)

It is impossible to prevent their appearance. But, with knowledge it can be avoided by having an active plan to improve movement and blood circulation.

Oxynated Olive Oil, with Fulvic Acid can fight varicose veins as the effects of ozone and Fulvic release oxygen, which helps to oxygenate the blood and improve blood flow.

In addition, it might reduce the visibility of these veins, with Oxynated Olive Oil and Fulvic Acid,  through their abilities to send oxygen to the smallest capillaries in the skin, which very few other products manage to reach.

Example 7: Oxynated Olive Oil, haemorrhoids, anal irritation and itch

  • Haemorrhoids are produced when the veins in the area below the rectum, or in the anus, become excessively dilated, turning the situation into a sort of varicose vein.
  • These dilation’s can be painful, itchy, bloody and burning.
  • Relief from haemorrhoids can be obtained by correcting the factors that aggravate them as much as possible.
  • A dedicated diet, high in fibre and liquids, is recommended to avoid constipation.
  • Haemorrhoids requires a person to avoid alcohol, spicy foods and coffee and a regular low-intensity exercise, such as walking or swimming.

download (17)

Oxynated Olive Oil will address the unpleasant symptoms caused by haemorrhoids and any other type of anal irritation, inflammation or itch. Oxynated Olive Oil have a synergistic effect that fights inflammation and irritation, improves metabolism and purifies and lubricates the area, thus providing haemorrhoid relief.

Oxynated Olive Oil also protects and repairing sensitive skin, which makes it very effective for perianal dermatitis or any other types of anal irritation, burning, itch or more continue.

Oxynated Olive Oil not only address the issues associated by haemorrhoids, but also conditions caused by constipation, diarrhoea, acidic feces, anal sex, allergies to soap and or poor quality toilet paper.

Pierre van Niekerk ©

Pierre@ Natural Health Anti-oksidant room.



Daar is letterlik derduisende produkte en beloftes van verjonging en jeug wat vele vervaardigers van produkte belowe. Gebruikers koop die produkte met groot verwagting en dan gebeur daar min tot niks.



Pierre@ Natural Health se produkte mag nooit sonder goeie inligting en opvoeding en bewyse van hoekom en waarom dit saamgestel is verkoop word nie. Dit moet tot die gebruiker se logika, hart en verstand spreek en dit moet hard werk om goeie resultate te bewerkstellig.

Pierre@ Natural Health het sy eie reeks produkte ontwikkel.

Dit is uniek in Suid Afrika en grond sy waardes en beginsels in produkte wat die Natuur self saamgestel het as antwoord en oplossing vir die gesondheid van mens en dier. Dit bevat geen wondermolekule en of nuut ontdekte ruimtestof wat alle probleme gaan oplos nie.


Dit bevat als in een druppel wat menslik onmoontlik is om in enige ander velversorgende konsentraat saam te stel. Vele ander goeie produkte, asook hierdie produk, sal faal indien die gebruiker nie kennis dra van die volgende faktore se rol in velveroudering nie.

Suksesvolle Velsorg begin by kennis van sewe belangrike faktore;

  1. Kennis van die dierselle se funksionele behoeftes en werkinge
  2. Faktore in die diersel (DNA en telomere) wat selvernuwing meebring
  3. Tipe vel, die aard en karakter van die veltipe.
  4. Kennis van die omgewing se invoede. (Son, wind, stoftipes, petrochemiese radikale in die lug, nywerheidsrook, ens) op die tipe vel.
  5. Dieët se rol om die vel as grootste orgaan voldoende te voed.
  6. Stresfaktore se rol wat velveroudering bewerkstellig
  7. Korrekte versorgmetodiek en versorgingsmetodes

Onvoldoende kennis van enige van bogenoemde begrippe kan die velsorgprogram se uitkoms laat faal en selfs n duur disfunksionele vel agterlaat.


Velsorg moet ‘n beplande uitkoms en doel hê

  1. Elke persoon se vel is uniek. Elke persoon moet uitvind wat werk vir sy vel aldan nie.
  2. Enige goeie velsorgprogram moet ‘n Plan A, Plan B en Plan C hê.


  1. Velsorg het te doen met komplekse liggaamlike realiteite soos;
    1. Hormone in die liggaam
    2. Die vel se onderskeie Ph by verskillende liggaamsdele.
    3. Pigmentasie en ligsensitiwiteit
    4. Sinvolle funksionele bloedsomloop (om afvalstowwe van gebruikte voedingstowwe in die epidermis weg te neem na die dikderm en lewer)
    5. Funksionle bloedsomloop om suurstof en voedingstowwe na nuwe selle te neem, asook die suksesvolle herstel van beskadigde selle te bewerkstellig.
    6. Gifstowwe van die liggaam moet ook suksesvol na die lewer en gal vervoer word om afgebreek te word en suksesvol in die dikderm uitgeskei word. Dit moet nie iewers in die liggaam vasgevang word nie.
    7. Enige versameling daarvan sal alle nuwe selvorming en vernuwing inhibeer en voorkom en versnelde veroudering bewerkstellig.

is (1)


Elke persoon is individueel en uniek.

Maak werk daarvan om die unieke karakter en identiteit van elke persoon se vel vas te stel. Maak ook seker watter rol elke orgaan in velsorg speel en ook watter rol disfunksionele organe in velsorg speel.

Die Rol van die Anti-oksidant Room

Die vel versamel dwarsdeur die dag op mikroskopiese vlak verskeie stofdeeltjies wat in die lug voorkom. Dit is vrye radikale wat aan sweet of velsorgprodukte bind, wat in nikotien, industrieële rook, petrochemiese afvalstowwe soos die dampe van diesel, olie- en petroldampe gevind word.

Vele skrywes wil dit beweer dat die vyf skadelikste toksienes vir velsorg en velveroudering die volgende is;

  1. Tabakrook
  2. Verfdampe
  3. Volgens die “Environmental Protection Agency” is biologiese kontaminante “lewende organismes” wat bakterie, virusse, swamme en fungi, stofmyte en laastens, “animal dander” of ons troeteldiere se mikroskopiese afskeidings is. Hierdie organismes bou in die liggaam op tot toksiese vlakke en veroorsaak naas velreaksies, ook respiratoriese probleme. Die EPA wil ook beweer dat hierdie lewende vrybewegende elemente in die lug ook die grootste probleme by ouers, siek mense en kinders verorsaak.
  4. Die rol van gifstowwe in die lug wat vir pesbeheer gebruik word, soos vlieg, muskiet, kakkerlak en vlooibeheer moet ook nie onderskat word nie.
  5. Dan ook industrieële rook, petrochemiese dampe, skadelike sepe en velsorgprodukte, stof, die son en horde ander faktore.

Die Anti-oksidantroom het vir die rede baie belangrike funksies om te voltooi wanneer dit aangewend word. Veral om die mond en neus en gesig, asook hande. Dit moet die vrye radikale se invloed en werking opvang en teenstaan, losmaak van die porieë. Lees gerus weer watter natuurlike elemente in die Anti-oksidantroom is en vergelyk dit met die Literatuur betreffende detoksifisering.

Vir die rede kan jy oorweeg om die room na paar minute af te was voordat jy die balm op sit en daarmee oornag.

Die Kolostrum Balm kan dan in ‘n skoon omgewing met skoon selle al die nodige voeding doen wat nodig is om selvernuwing en verjonging mee te bring.




Pierre@ D OXI²


  1. Introduction

This OXI² Pre-Wash was developed and tested to remove hardened stains and smells caused by urine on carpets. Mammalian excretions such as blood, faeces, urine etc. consist of a combination of ammonia, bacteria, hormones, and uric acid.

As the urine breaks down, the ammonia concentration increases and sulphur-containing organic chemical substances known as mercaptans are then released.

  1. The chemical structure of Urea

The chemical structure of urea is written as (NH2)2CO. This means that two nitrogen-containing, ammonia-derived molecules are joined to a carbon molecule that has a double bond to an oxygen molecule.

  1. Contents

Dog urine contains urea, creatine, uric acid, carbohydrates, enzymes, fatty acids, hormones, sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, calcium and ammonia.

  1. Animal-related marks and stenches

When a dog smells another dog’s urine, it can detect the hormones, such as estrogen or testosterone that is present in the urine. That stimulates their reaction to mark or remark the area.

DO NOT CLEAN such affected areas with products containing ammonia. For urine turns as explained above, into ammonia, react then on a molecular level to the chemical structure, worsening the urine stench as it releases it in a more concentrated form.

For the above reasons, the Pierre @ Dieregesondheid OXI² PRE -WASH stain remover was developed, whereby it uses oxygen to remove and break the particles down.


  • No environmental hazards – breaks down to oxygen in your wash water
  • Colour safe and fabric safe. It brightens colours
  • Continual use will not cause yellowing or greying of cotton fabric
  • Effective stain removal in a broad range of water temperatures
  • Prevent fabrics from becoming yellowed or darkened
  • Does not weaken the strength of fabrics like chlorine bleach
  • In the laundry 02 Pre-Wash is used to de-stain, deodorize, and whiten. It is very effective as a laundry pre-soak for heavily stained articles
  • It is very effective as a laundry pre-soak for heavily stained articles
  • For light soils: add 30ml (30g) of 02 Pre-wash with your laundry detergent per load. For moderate soils: use
  • 60ml (60g) and for heavily soiled articles: use 120g (120ml)
  • For whitening old linens and yellowed window shears, deodorizing and cleaning tennis shoes, or to get rid of yellow armpit stains on shirt, soak in 60ml (60g) of 02 Pre-Wash per 3.80-liter water for at least one hour, or overnight, then rinse.


Pierre @ D OXI² Pre-Wash will remain active for 5-6hrs, after which they should be discarded. Unused material may be poured down the drain. It will help clean and deodorize your disposal or toilet.02 Pre-Wash is most effective when mixed and used in warm to hot water (65degrC)

  • Mix 120ml (120g) of Pre-Wash in 3.8 litres of warm or hot water
  • Heavy Cleaning: Mix 240ml (240g) in 3.8 litres of warm or hot water
  • Soaks: Mix 60 – 120ml (120g) in 3.8 litres of warm or hot water
  • Paste: Mix 30-60ml/g with just enough water to make a paste
  • To de-stain and deodorize carpet, start by mixing a general cleaning solution. Remove as much of the dirt or
  • liquid as possible.
  • Spray Pre-Wash solution on spot, work into area with a brush and let stand 5-10 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly by pouring fresh water over spot, blot up with a clean cloth or towel.
  • Vacuum thoroughly when completely dry.
  • Always test for color fastness before applying OXI² Pre-Wash.
  • Carpet cleaning machines add 30ml/g per 3.8litre of warm water in the solution tank.
  • For stained plastic ware, dishes, dish rags and dish towels add 30ml/g to 60ml/g to the container to be cleaned or to the dishwater and soak for at least 15 minutes.
  • To keep your drains and disposals clear and smelling fresh add 30g/ml in 240ml/g of hot water and allow solution to sit in drain overnight
  • To de stain your coffee pot, add 30g/ml if 02 Pre-Wash into a coffee pot of hot water, soak 1015minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  • To eliminate mould, mildew and other organic stains, mix general cleaning solution in a squirt bottle and apply with a soft cloth, let stand 10-20minutes, wipe and rinse thoroughly. Cutting Boards, Tupperware, and Kitchen Counter Tops
  • To clean and deodorize your whole kitchen use a general cleaning solution and apply with a soft cloth, squirt bottle or sprayer, let stand 5-10 minutes and rinse.
  • For extra strong stains, soak item with an extra strong solution for 15-20minutes, rinse thoroughly
  • For septic systems add 120ml/g of Pre-Wash toilet and flush into the septic system twice a week. For toilets add 90g/ml, wait for 15 minutes then scrub.
  • For shower curtains soak in 30g per 3.8 litre of hot water, for mildew stains soak overnight.
  • For bathtub and shower use make a paste with hot water, scrub with cloth or sponge, wait 15 minutes then rinse or use
  • To remove mould and mildew prior to painting or to clean up water damage, mix a soaking solution, apply to surface, and scrub with a brush or sponge. Let stand 20-30 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  • To remove weathered stains for wood decking, fencing, siding, concrete, and stucco, use a general cleaning solution and apply with a clean lawn sprayer. Let stand 10-30minutes, scrub if necessary and rinse thoroughly.
  • Or mix a general cleaning solution in a bucket and apply with broom or brush, then scrub and rinse thoroughly
  • Use the general cleaning solution and apply to fireplace or bricks with a scrub brush or broom and allow standing 10- 20minutes and rinsing thoroughly with fresh water.
  • Scrub before rinsing if necessary
  1. YARD
  • For deodorizing garbage cans add 15g/ml per 3.8litre of water and let soak. For lawn furniture add 60g/ml to hot water, scrub, wait 15 minutes, then rinse. For all weather carpeting add 120g/ml to 3.8litre of warm water scrub with a stiff broom, wait 20 minutes and rinse.
  • To de-stain and deodorize carpets add 30g/ml Pre-Wash per 3.8litre of carpet shampoo prior to cleaning.
  • For tiles add 180g/ml per 3.8litres of hot water, spray on tiles, wait 15minutes then rinse. For mops add 90g to 3.8litre of hot water, soak overnight then rinse.
  • For mildew removal or to clean basement floors after water damage from flooding add 120g/ml to 3.8litre of hot water, scrub surface, wait 30 minutes then rinse.
  • To clean and deodorize cat litter boxes soak then in 902g/ml if Prewash per 3.8litre of water for 20 minutes then rinse.
  • For urine, faeces or vomit stains on carpets or upholstery add one teaspoon of 02 Pre-wash to 240ml water, wipe onto stain, wait 10 minutes the rinse
  • To clean and deodorize coolers add 60g/ml if Prewash per 3.8 litres of hot water soak for 20 minutes, then rinse, for boat sails, cushions, ropes, camping gear, tent sets add120g/ml per 3.8 litres of hot water soak for 30 minutes then rinse

Pierre van Niekerk ©2