Pierre@ D: Bio Enzymes

Natural Biological Products in Agricultural Waste Treatment


There is a sincere need and demand for safe and natural products to solve and deal with stenches and animal waste in animal shelters, chicken houses, piggeries, cattle kraals, slaughter houses and dairies. In household’s urine stenches or often a problem, where children are involved and general smell and hygiene is important.
Many of the shelve and household chemicals are harmful. Not only to the environment, but to man and animal in general causing skin problems, asthmatic conditions and allergies. Typical non-specific household cleaning products are harsh and contains harmful corrosive substances. Not safe and in effect dangerous to children and to pets.

When spilled, harsh chemicals can destroy the balance of the natural biotic environment, as well as good bacteria and insects of value to our surroundings and environment.

Thus, the need and quest for effective, biological safe and natural products is the quest for most informed people. Three words should be associated with Biological products.

The product must be safe, pure and effective.
Per Biological definition it would mean the following;
1. Safety
Relatively free from harmful effects and or substances, direct or indirect, when a product is sensibly administered.
2. Pure
Purity means relative freedom from unimportant matter in the finished product. Pure and purity means free from residue, fillers or moisture and or unstable substances.

3. Effective
Effective refers to the specific ability or capacity of the biological product, and best as indicated by appropriate laboratory tests, to explain and produce a given result.
Natural bacteria as a Bio degradation agent.

Bio-Enzymes are a biological formulation of multi-purpose bacteria, formulated to have a multi- purpose and broad range of natural degradation abilities and functions. In their natural environment, bacteria produce hundreds of enzymes in response to the organics present in their environment.

This group of Bio-Enzymes produce extracellular enzymes with the intention to break down proteins, starches, fats, oils, greases and toilet tissue into smaller particles, outside the bacterial cell. The bacteria then transport the smaller particles across their cell membrane for use as an energy source and for generating new cellular components.

Why is this an efficient method in stench and waste control?
Since this group of selected bacteria detect organics material as a potential food source, they produce specific enzymes to breakdown the organics present. In areas as mentioned with urine and organic waste, this selected consortium of bacteria will produce key extracellular enzymes including amylase, cellulase, lipase and protease.

This Biological method is a focused, complete and very efficient natural system, leaving no harmful waste to the environment. Many different enzymes are required to break a substrate (Urine, faeces, blood, etc.,) completely.

Extreme functionality
This group of Bio Enzymes can be therefore successfully used for the maintenance and functional working order of household drain lines, slaughter houses, French drains, grease traps, improving septic tanks, nutrient rich waste environments such as dairies, butcheries.

Although many bacteria can utilize these organics as food sources, it is this group of Bacillus bacteria with the rapid production of key enzymes that provide the most dramatic effects in waste degradation, odour control in piggeries, pens, kraals, shelters, toilets, latrines and slaughter houses. Extremely safe and effective in with in-house stenches and odours and stenches caused by pets.

Safety of Pierre@ D Bio-Enzymes
Pierre@ D contains a blend of safe Bacillus microorganisms. Toxicity studies done by an independent laboratory shows that Pierre @ D Bio-Enzyme consortium of microorganisms has no acute oral toxicity, no acute dermal toxicity, and no acute inhalation toxicity at maximal test dose.

Acute dermal irritation and acute eye irritation studies classify Pierre@ D Bio-Enzymes as non-irritating it does not elicit a skin sensitization reaction.

Bio Enzyme Product Data Sheet

1. Drain lines and grease traps – degrades and eliminates organics found in drain lines and grease traps. Regular addition of PIERRE @ D BIO ENZYME maintains a cleaner and odour-free system.

2. Septic and waste treatment – maintains effective activity in septic systems, eliminating the need for excessive pumping.

3. Eliminates odours caused by incomplete digestion of malodorous volatile fatty acids.

4. Bathroom cleaning and odour control: penetrates cracks, crevices and pores of surfaces where organics accumulate, removing the organics leaving a visually cleaner surface.

5. Provides long term odour control by removing the organics that cause odours and prevents their return.

1. A stable consortium of safe Bacillus spores
2. Production of multiple enzymes providing a wide range of degradation capabilities
3. A synergistic blend that works in concert to provide superior performance across multiple applications
4. Excretion of high levels of amylase, cellulase, lipase and protease enzymes
5. Ability to work under aerobic and anaerobic conditions
6. Single product simplicity for multi-application flexibility

Product Characteristics
1. Bacteria Counts: 5.4 X 107 cfu/ml
2. Bacteria Type: Blend of Bacillus Spores
3. Salmonella: Not detected
4. Appearance: Creamy white
5. Fragrance: Pleasantly perfumed
6. Shelf-life: One year; maximum loss of 1.0 log at recommended storage conditions

Dose Rates: (Follow dilution rate)
PIERRE @ D BIO ENZYME can be diluted to the following ratio;

1. 1:9 (One-part BE (BIO ENZYME) and 9 parts of water. The blend must be used on the day and any reaming liquid should be discarded.

Reduction of high solids and crusting of waste: liquefaction and cleaning of cowsheds, piggeries, poultry farms etc.) Area Initial Dose Rate Regular Maintenance Rate Method of


General aid to the processing process.
Area Initial Dose Rate Regular Maintenance Rate Method of Application
Trickling filters

Anaerobic digesters Retention Ponds Activated sludge 1 kg/ 4.5 million liter’s

500g/ 45 000 liter’s 500g/4.5 million liters per week
Repeat for 3 days then per week Add to primary settling tank
Add to inflow pipe

For easier handling of high protein/fats in concentrated areas.

Reducing blockage of drains, pipes: treatment of effluent not on main drainage: reduction of odours.


Is designed as a bio-technical aid to treatment of organic waste material offering the following advantages:
1. Liquefaction & reduction of solids
2. Reduction of odour
3. Easier disposal of waste
4. Aids general cleaning of soiled areas
5. The safety in operation of effluent systems offers a viable alternative to current processing techniques using a bio-technical approach.

How does PIERRE @ D BIO ENZYME Liquid out-perform various harmful pathogens?

The SABS Standard requires a 5-minute killing time for the most common hygiene microorganisms such as S. aureus, E. coli and P. aeruginosa.

From a hygiene point of view, especially where pets and farm animal’s health or zoonotic diseases are at stake, hygiene factors are of great importance and a critical management matter. Such is products used in creating a hygienic environment.

The responsible value of a healthy and hygienic environment would be to sanitize the working environment effectively before continue working. It could be food preparation, preparing feeding for dairy calves, chicken houses, bird cages, shelters, restaurants, home cooking and food preparation.

The value could also be the sanitizing of public areas, where hygiene factors such as toilets or urinals or cleaning hard surfaces in shops the public use. The same principles and values and codes reign in households, public schools, offices and other public areas.

Mode of Function of Bacillus bacteria as Bio-Enzymes
In contrast to the SABS standard, being the quickest time a sanitizer (QAC- based) is supposed to kill, Bacillus-containing sanitizers such as the Pierre @ D Bio-Enzymes operate in a different mode. Bio-Enzymes are live bacteria that needs to compete with other microorganisms for a food sources. Hence the longer contact time required by these bacteria to kill its competitors.

1. The pattern that bacillus bacteria uses, (as seen in the study), is to kill or out compete the other bacteria. The answer lies in its morphological structure. Where Bacillus bacteria grows, other microorganisms will move away from that specific waste food source.

2. Bacillus bacteria have a larger morphological structure than other organisms. It creates a zone of inhibition, preventing growth of other microorganisms (known as morphological inhibition).

3. This ensures fewer numbers of other microorganisms surviving, but a rapid growth of bacillus bacteria absorbing waste product such as sewerage, milk spills, waste pills, grease traps etc.

Important knowledge to cfu Calculation
For Bio Enzymes to be most effective and efficient, it is always important to know the cfu value of any biological product that has been diluted. Or in its concentrated form. This is to know if the product you have diluted has sufficient active ingredient to fulfil the desired outcome in waste or stench management:

The ready to use (diluted) product PIERRE @ D BIO ENZYME following thee analyses within SAP – shelf life is typically one year. The cfu count on the diluted product is calculated on a mass balance as follows:

1. Let a = Volume of Bio Enzyme
2. And the concentration = 10 X FF
3. Let a = 1 gallon
4. Let b = volume of water = 9 gallons
5. Let c = volume of Bio Enzyme
6. And a + b = c
7. c = 10 gallons

Doing a mass balance on the spore count:
1. There are 2 x 1012 cfu in 1-gallon Bio Enzyme 10 XFF
2. Count of spores in c = unknown = z Then 2 x 1012a + 0b = zc
3. Then [(2 x 1012 x 1)/10] = [(z x 10)/10]
4. 2 x 1011 cfu/gallon of PIERRE @ D BIO ENZYME

Converting from gallons to liters
2 x 1011 spores 1 gallon
1 gallon 3.8 liters

= 5.2 x 1010 cfu/liter of PIERRE @ D BIO ENZYME
Or 52 billion CFU/liter

The information contained in this leaflet is to the best of our knowledge, true & accurate, but any recommendations or suggestions which may be made are without guarantee since the conditions of use are beyond our control. No license or immunity under any patents is granted or implied.

Elektroniese Bosluis en vlooibeheer

Tickless Pet

Waarom alternatiewe produkte vir vlooi en bosluisbehandeling?
Met die beste van farmakologiese produkte beskikbaar in die handel, kan daar met veiligheid gesê word dat daar naas weerstandigheidsontwikkeling teen die aktiewe in die produkte, ‘n toename is in vlooi en bosluisprobleme.

Wanneer daar gekies moet word tussen die reeks van produkte beskikbaar, is daar ‘n verskeidenheid faktore wat ‘n rol speel.

Dit is;

• spoed
• tydperk van nawerking
• die aksie van die produk se molekule en aktief.
• Die invloed van water
• Ultravioletstrale

Bykomend, is daar klagtes van newe-effekte van byna al die produkte.

• Toediening of administrering
• Velskade en haarverlies
• Allergiese reaksies
• Blootstelling aan kinders en eienaars
• Ouderdom van diere
• Lewer en nierskade, ens.

Ander faktore van belang by besluitneming en keuse van produkte, is die volgende
• Spoed waarmee hierdie produk werk, veral as iets soos bosluise en vlooie op mens en dier parasiteer.
• Om diere wat reeds dermatitis het met farmakologiese produkte te behandel, waar die vel ontsteek is, is onkundige praktyk.
• Soms is dit weens die grootte van die dier, die ouderdom, die gesondheidstoestand van die dier, die tekorte van die eienaar self wat bosluis-en vlooibeheer onmoontlik maak.

Tekorte van topikale behandel.
Effektiewe werking word negatief beïnvloed met blootstelling aan;
• Water
• Sonlig en ultravioletstrale
• Grond en modder
• Gereelde bad en was met seepprodukte

Orale produkte
Enorme klagtes en bewerings word gemaak teen orale produkte. Ongeag die navorsing daarvan wat die teendeel probeer bewys. Seepprodukte en bad beïnvloed nie orale produkte se effektiewe nawerking nie.

Koste van sulke produkte maak dit ontoeganklik vir waarskynlik 80% van die troeteldierpopulasie. Orale produkte is ook bekend daarvoor dat hul n nawerking het op die gastro-intestinale van troeteldiere.

Laastens, slegs enkele produkte kan op diere gebruik word voor 8-14 weke, en by vlooi en bosluisinfestasies, is dit n probleem.

Bakterie en virusse, kieme tydens soog
Bakterie en ander kieme speel ‘n kritiese rol in soogdiere se algemene gesondheid in die soog stadium. Bakterie van die omgewing in die lug, slaapplekke, hul uriene en mis, versamel op die vel van die kleindier. Vlieë, naas vlooie en bosluise is ook n draer van miljoene bakterie na werpsels toe.

Die ma lek as ‘n reël haar kinders se uriene en faeces in. Dit is n belangrike gesondheidsaspek in die kleindier se gesondheidsontwikkeling. Miljoene kieme versamel in die mis en uriene. Met die opname daarvan deur die ma, ontwikkel sy teenliggaampies met haar immuunstelsel, wat sy dan tydens voeding en soog in haar melk vir haar kleintjies vrystel.

Sodoende word die immuunstelsel van die klein diertjies geaktiveer om suksesvol te reageer met die kieme van die omgewing en hul skadeloos te stel. Gegewe die ma het n gesonde en goeie immuunstelsel.

Kennis van bosluise en vlooie.
Ongeag die beste pogings bekend om bosluise en vlooie in ‘n erf, of omgewing te beheer, sal onvolwasse vlooie en bosluise altyd buite die grense ontwikkel en op vele maniere inkom. Dit is in al net n tydelike oplossing.

Bosluise kan in ‘n diapause ingaan en jare oorleef sonder n bloedmaal totdat omstandighede gunstig is.

‘n Horde voor en nadele kan gegee word vir en teen tradisionele vlooi en bosluisbeheerpraktyke. Naas voordele en nadele het dit ook vele beperkinge, soos hierbo kortliks beskrywe.

Tickless Pet”

Is ‘n toestel wat aan n nekband om die hond of kat se nek gesit word. Dit stel ultraklank impulse vry wat nie deur mens en dier gehoor kan word nie. Beïnvloed wel organismes soos vlooie en bosluise wat op ultraklank impulse en koolsuurgas hul prooi vind en volg. en hou die organismes vir ongeveer 1.5 meter weg.

Stel 40 kHz klank vry en hou die organismes ongeveer 1.5 meter weg van troeteldiere. Kos R450 by jou depot -eienaar en het n lewensduur van 12 maande.

Het dus geen nawerking op mens en sy troeteldiere nie, nie op klein kindertjies nie en ook nie op kleiner diere soos pasgebore babas nie.

Moet gesien word as n voorkomende beheermiddel en as ‘n Natuur en Ekologies vriendelike hulpmiddel wat geen skadelike kontra-indikasies het vir mens en dier nie.

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